How Chick Flicks Have Ruined Modern Dating

Chick flicks have basically ruined modern dating. Women now expect all the clichés and they just aren't being delivered.

Cans in the pav just don't cut it.

1) The Notebook

The notebook sets expectations of romance and love sky high. Scenes involving gazing at the stars as they lie on the roads, feeding swans as they row across the lake and kissing in the rain results in girls having their heads in the clouds. You guys met on a night out, but the notebook will altar the romantic story of how you met. She'll come up with something ridiculous like you jumped on a feeris wheel to grab her attention. That seems minor right? Wrong. Soon they will expect you to suddenly morph into Ryan Gosling and have killer abs, write letters of love and devotion everyday of the year (as if texting isn't enough) and reply ''if you're a bird, I'm a bird'' when they come screaming and charging at you on the beach. You've been warned.

2) Dirty Dancing 


After watching Dirty Dancing, girl's expectations will soar. First of all, girls will expect guys to be great dancers. They are looking for their own version of Swayze and they won't take anything less. When you're bumping and grinding on the dance floor, don't be surprised if she backs away and comes running to you for the big finish lift. It's a test to see if she's going home with you tonight. Secondly, girls will expect that getting down and dirty on the dance floor will lead to romance and passion. Dirty dancing will no longer be perceived as crude and nasty. Instead, dirty dancing will seem a passionate and romantic connection between two people. Guys, you best be lifting some weights because the minute you hear '(I've Had) The Time of My Life', she's a coming for you...

Note Ryan Gosling can actually do this:

3) Titanic

After watching Titanic girls will make it their life mission to go on a cruise. The minute they hear about a college ball and a ship they're going and you as their date are in for a crazy night. Thinking of having a crazy night and getting pissed? Think again. She expects you to be the Jack to her Rose tonight, and that means you've got to pay her a lot of attention. When she steps out to get air on the deck, that's a signal for you to follow. She will most definitely spread her arms out as if she's flying, and there's your cue to wrap your arms around her. However, if at any point she contemplates hopping over the railing, do NOT play along. Don't be surprised if she brings paper and chalk for you to paint her like 'one of your french girls' or if she throws her necklace into the water.

4) When Harry Met Sally

Though Harry clearly states in the film ''Men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way'', girls, like Sally refuse to believe him as they claim they can be friends without sex. Therefore, this movie give girls the false hopes and expectations that even if you part take in.

Go an watch Iron Man instead.

Namra Amir

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