11 Tips On How To Be A Good Friend And Not Alienate People

11 Tips On How To Be A Good Friend And Not Alienate People

Being a good friend isn't always easy. Sometimes you don't hear from a friend in a while and you're wondering why they're not texting back or listening to your Whatsapp voice messages. You had that perfect day out or that gas night on the lash but they seem distant from you. You may wonder: Am I the problem?. When you're questioning whether or not you're a good friend it's time to take into account some of the following:

1. Don't text back

When your friend needs to chat and you can't be bothered let them know by not texting back.

2. Leave them hanging in the nightclub

That side boy/girl is only for one night. Friendship lasts forever. Not! Go and enjoy yourself. Your friend will be fine on their own!

3. Drink most of the naggin/ drink


Whoever said sharing is caring is an idiot!

4. Don't tell them they have crap on their face

Keep a picture to blackmail them when they won't go drinking with you.

5. Laugh at them when they fall

Laugh at your friend when they fall and then walk away when you start feeling embarrassed for them. Second-hand embarrassment is never cool.


6. Keep talking about yourself

When your friend is having a breakdown talk about your new bits you got in Penneys or that holiday to Barbados you booked with your cooler friends.

7. Hold a grudge against them when they eat all the garlic dip from Dominos

This is when you should consider dropping the person as a friend. This is never okay and you should not tolerate it.

8. Criticise everything they do


If they mess up in life tell them harshly. Don't let anything slide 'cause that's what best friends are for.

9. Always do better than your friends and rub it in their faces

When you get that A, the job promotion or make loads of money let your friends now so they can bask in your glory.

10. Run away when they start crying

You just bought this new top and those tears aren't going to work with your look.


11. Don't hug them

Nobody wants their cooties - especially you.


Follow these 11 tips and watch your friends' list grow on Facebook. 


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