Imelda May Explains Why Leonard DiCaprio Probably Thinks She's 'Mental'

Imelda May Explains Why Leonard DiCaprio Probably Thinks She's 'Mental'

Talking to Ray D'arcy on RTE's Radio One, singer Imelda May has revealed her passionate support of Conor McGregor may have overwhelmed Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. After her brilliant rendition of Ireland's national anthem, she took her seat to support her fellow compatriot, right next to the Wolf Of Wall Street actor.

I was screaming like a mad woman I was.

Leonardo DiCaprio was beside me and I think he thought I was just some mental woman. I was really going for it. I was screaming, I was shouting, I was calling Mayweather every name under the sun.

Speaking for the first time since her performance, May told Ray D'Arcy show that she spent her 11-hour flight to Las Vegas practising Amhrán Na bhFhiann, as she feared she would get it wrong.
I was nervous that I'd get it wrong. That was my main thing, I thought 'I don't want to get it wrong because I'll be hung drawn and quartered'. So I sat like a madwoman - I looked like the most patriotic flyer ever. I sat on the plane singing our national anthem, Amhrán Na bhFiann, for eleven hours straight.
They must have thought I was a nutcase.

May also admitted that despite delivering a hiccup free performance on the night she didn't know the national anthem off by heart when she first got the call to perform.

"I only half knew it... I didn't know it enough certainly to sing it on international television," she said.

Despite the pre-gig jitters, May explained that once she began the performance she became more composed.

Once I started singing I felt calm.

Everyone went so quiet, it was a lovely atmosphere and then a massive cheer at the end. It felt good, I felt proud, I didn't feel I was alone to see all the Irish in the room behind me and it was a lovely atmosphere.

May also revealed an awkward moment in Conor's dressing with Demi Lovato who was at the fight singing the American national anthem.

Afterwards I went back into Conor's dressing room and met all his family and they were all so proud. And then Demi Lovato came in and I was messing with her and I said 'what are you doing here?' and then I wrongly said 'you bat for the other team' and then everybody laughed, I dug myself into a hole... I'll always find a way of getting something wrong.

Speaking from Nevada she explained her reasons for opting to sing in Vegas, despite booked to play a festival in the UK.

I just felt it was such an honour, you know what a great chance to to sing our anthem at such a great sporting event and to be asked by Conor to do it it was one of those once in a lifetime things.

I never cancel gigs.

May also disclosed that tickets for other gigs are being found for fans of hers left dissappointed by her abrupt cancellation.
Eoin Lyons

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