An Indoor Sky-Diving Centre Is Set To Open In Dublin And That's Just Brilliant News

An Indoor Sky-Diving Centre Is Set To Open In Dublin And That's Just Brilliant News

Many people - who shall hereinafter be referred to as 'sane people' - are afraid of flying. As such, this limits the possibilities for adventure, and indeed for travel, for many of these 'sane people'. For these people, one such activity that is almost universally considered to be off limits is 'sky-diving'. If the thought of being brought thousands of feet into the air, in what typically seems to be a needlessly small and perilous light aircraft, before plunging out towards the ground while you're harnessed to someone in the employ of the sky-diving school who quite possible unironically refers to themselves as 'an adrenaline junky', doesn't fill you with bone-chilling dread, then you my friend, have got issues.

However, an alternative is now at hand. It has been announced that the newly approved plans for a €75 million retail park in Carrickmines will, bizarrely, include an indoor skydiving area.

The plans have been approved as an expansion to the  existing Carrickmines retail park and will see the addition of new shops, restaurants, apartments and this indoor skydiving arena.

For those who may be wondering how such a thing might operate, an indoor sky-diving arena is essentially a large, vertical wind-tunnel which can simulate the experience of sky-diving. It is haunting to consider the sheer-number of disasters that will result from D4 teenagers going there on ill-advised dates.

It is expected to be several years before the expansion to the retail park is completed.


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