Instagram Is About To Make A Major Tweak For Irish Users

Instagram Is About To Make A Major Tweak For Irish Users

Instagram is everything for us these days but we thought it was very important that everyone know that the app, which is owned by Facebook, is about to unveil a massive change to its service for people in Ireland and a small number of countries.

Basically they're going to stop showing likes.

The feeling from Instagram is that people will post more if they're not bothered about likes, which is probably true.


But a like is a great thing to get. And what will this mean for influencers and the like? We're still in the dark as to when this change will come into effect. More updates as we get it!

CNN also reported that Instagram is adding an anti-bullying feature:

In addition, Instagram is adding a "Restrict" mode aimed at combating bullies. When you restrict another user, comments on your posts from that person are only visible to them, and not other people. Restricted users also won't be able to see if that person is active on Instagram or if they've read their direct messages.

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