Here's How To Sign Your Friends Up For TV3's Blind Date

Here's How To Sign Your Friends Up For TV3's Blind Date

An Irish Blind Date has been on the cards for years. TV3 has finally given the people what they wanted and even Mammy's delighted. The Irish version of Blind Date will debut in autumn with comedian Al Porter as the "mischievous matchmaker" and host of the show. Blind Date originally aired on ITV and was hosted by the much-loved singer Cilla Black. Now, here's how you can apply your friends for Blind Date:

Fill in this application form and email it to [email protected] by Midnight on Saturday the 10th of June, 2017. The types of questions you'll be asked about your "friend" include:

  • Describing their perfect date (Long walks on the beach)
  • Hobbies and Interests (Eating Boojum at least twice a week)
  • Their height (Don't make it obvious when you whip out the measuring tape)
  • Whether or not they've been married (We'll leave that one up to you)
  • All the links to their social media accounts (Dangerous stuff)
  • Whether or not they've ever been in love (Also dangerous stuff)

Well, there you have it! The TV3 show promises to give you your friend the "ultimate...romantic holiday", "killer chat up lines" and all you need to do is be able to tell "a charmer from a chancer" but you don't need to tell your "friend" that.


Get applying before June 10th! 



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