The 18 Things You'll Know To Be True If You've An Irish Brother

The 18 Things You'll Know To Be True If You've An Irish Brother

There are lots of things that you'll know to be true if you have Irish brothers. Having a sibling can be like having a best friend 24/7, especially if you live together, or having a personal torturer.

We can't all be like the O' Donovan brothers and win Olympic medals together but the scuffles you have alone feel like trying to win gold. Here are 18 things that you'll know to be true if you have a brother:

1. You can smell them a mile away and their smell bedroom could knock you unconscious.

2. You'll find a strange stash of magazines and DVDS when you snoop in their room.

3. You'll run out of their bedroom when you hear them coming up the stairs.

4. They'll steal your food from your plate when you aren't looking.

5. If he's younger than you, he'll rob your ID to buy a bag of cans.


6. They'll fart in your direction to piss you off.

7. They'll openly remind you of the embarrassing things you've done in front of large groups of people.

8. In order to win an argument they'll tell you that you were adopted.

9. They'll laugh at you when you hurt yourself.

10. The love saying "you're copying me"  and it's a slag that never gets old for them.


11. The dead leg/ arm they'd give you just for the laugh.

12. Telling you lies about food so you won't eat it and they can - "Did you know Rice Krispies are head lice?"

13. The constant borrowing of hoodies that never get returned.

14. They'll give you the middle finger when the rest of your family aren't looking.

15. They'll be jealous anytime you get praise from Mammy.


16. You're used to having a stash of treats secretly hidden from your brother.

17. You're used to crying 'cause they always find your stash.

18. At the back end of it, he'll beat anyone up that even looks at you twice.

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