Is This The Best Excuse For Being Drunk In Public Ever?

Is This The Best Excuse For Being Drunk In Public Ever?

Fellow worldians, I bring you some very solemn and worrying news. The world as we know it could be about to end. On Monday 2 October, at around 10.30pm, police in the town of Casper, USA made contact with a man claiming to be here from the future.

They arrested him on suspicion of public intoxication but the man, known only to us to 'Bryant Johnson', instited that he had a very valid excuse.

He told officers that he had arrived from the year 2048 and was there to warn the people of an impending alien invasion. These aliens had divised a method of time travel which involved standing on a giant pad and most importantly, required them to fill Johnson with alcohol in order for him to be able bend the fabric of time and space.

Thankfully it worked a treat, although Johnson claims he was meant to arrive in the year 2018, so there was a slight hiccup there. In fact this may even be for the best because it gives us time to prepare for next year's invasion. Johnson asked to speak with the 'President' of the town but as of yet it's unknown if this meeting took place.

While nearly all this story makes perfect sense, the one thing I can't understand is if the aliens are coming to take over earth, why would they send a human back in time to warn us?


The plot thickens.

Hat-tip: K2Radio.com

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Mark Farrelly

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