We're all familiar with the works of  J.J. Abrams, from the ever confusing Lost to Star Trek to Super 8 and of course, the very boundary pushing Cloverfield back in 2008. It can never be denied that he always knows which buttons to push in regards to Sci-Fi and thrillers and now, he's back with what can only be described as a distinctly J.J offering.


'10 Cloverfield Lane' is a follow-up to the original and experimental style that the original Cloverfield brought to the forefront of our attention eight scary little years ago. This time around? Well, things look as though they're about to get very very terrifying indeed. Expect many twists, many turns and of course, many jumps (out of your seat, most likely).



10 Cloverfield Lane is coming to a cinema near you soon, in the meantime? Watch the trailer below and see the Paramount Pictures Facebook page for more information.


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