James Corden Tried To Do A Reddit AMA But Got Roasted

James Corden Tried To Do A Reddit AMA But Got Roasted

Reddit's Ask Me Anything can be fascinating. It has attracted some very high profile names in the past. Barack Obama did one in the leadup to his election in 2012. Bill Gates has done several, as has Bernie Sanders. They don't always go well. Many actors and musicians use it as a promotional platform, and refuse to answer any questions that aren't about the particular film or album, and things descend to anarchy quickly.

Corden and five of the production team of the Late Late Show went online to answer questions about the Carpool Karaoke series, and things went quite badly.

For those unaware, James Corden has quite a poor reputation. A story about how he treated his wife and crying child on a plane went viral on Twitter, and has allegedly been verified by multiple people on the flight.

The comment thread, to put it nicely, didn't stick to the script. 855 comments, and around 30 answers from Corden and co. 4 from James himself.


People really did not hold back on poor old James Corden. You can read the full thread in all of its brutality here

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