WATCH: John Legend Sings Gordon Ramsay's Best Insults

WATCH: John Legend Sings Gordon Ramsay's Best Insults

What is the most bizarre combination you can think of... I know! What about John Legend, the peaceful sounding soul singer, and Gordon Ramsay, the foul mouthed chef, coming together through song?!  "Wait... what!", I hear you say, "Wouldn't that be just sweet sounding insults?". Well, lads, it's a reality - Thank you Jebus - and it's feckin' hilarious!

The singer, John Legend, is known for his Grammy award-winning music and Gordon Ramsay is a renowned chef that has become famous for his blistering personality. The segment was included in the new ITVs nightly talk show hosted by famous faces from the UK. David Walliams, Davina Mc Call, Dermot O' Leary and Gordon Ramsay himself have all presented the nightly talk show thus far.

The one liners took aim at everything from America's foreign policy to the Weasley's from Harry Potter. Some of the best include:

“How the fuck did you burn ice cream?”
“There’s more olive oil on this than Popeye’s dick.”
“You put so much ginger in this it’s a Weasley.”
The sketch promoted the fictional album Gordon by John Legend which we're hoping becomes a reality!

Watch John Legend singing Gordon Ramsay insults below:



The Nightly Show airs Moday to Friday on ITV at 10pm.

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