Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell Is The Greatest Reality TV Show Of All Time

Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell Is The Greatest Reality TV Show Of All Time

We're inundated with reality TV shows these days. Well, one reality show. It seems there is no escaping the brain dead shite that is Love Island. Reality television seems to be a cycle of unintelligent, artificially attractive individuals, with more lip fillers than brain cells. There is one shining beacon of light in the world of reality TV, and that is one man. The man, the myth, the legend; Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay has an impressive selection of TV credits, but for this, we're gonna focus on one in particular; Hotel Hell. Hotel Hell is his finest work to date and I'm going to tell you all why by going through some of the best episodes. It's car crash TV to a tee and its brilliant.

Town's Inn - Season 3 Episodes 3&4

You know its gonna be juicy when it's a two parter. Gordon arrived to this odd hotel in a picturesque town in Virginia to be greeted by one of the most bizarre owners ever on the show. The place was more like an old vintage/antique shop, covered in bric-a-brac. The kitchen was a disaster, with chefs boiling(!) burgers and using six month old cooked chickens, that were frozen, and then microwaved. The rooms were filthy, and falling apart, with the owner's clothes locked in wardrobes in the guest rooms. Best of all was this horrific story.

Not cleaning her own diarrhoea. Good suffering jaysus. Best of all, after Karan (the owner) got her remodeling, she reverted back to her old ways, as this response to a TripAdvisor review she wrote can attest.


The Inn was filmed in November 2015 for an episode in “Hotel Hell.” Gordon Ramsay’s crew called & asked if they could film the Inn. I have a Doctorate of Education Degree but haven’t had a television since 1993 when i moved to Austria because i’ve lacked time & interest to invest in television — so i had no clue who Gordan Ramsay was. My manager Jill & i welcomed Chef Ramsay because we were confident that our Inn had been an inn-credible country-style dining & lodging establishment since i opened it in 2007. I took the restaurant over in 2011 — & the Inn got the Trip Advisor Certificate of excellence in 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015. No complaints have ever been filed with the Health Department — & the Inn has passed every inspection since 2007. All i’ll say is that i’m 69 years old & have never met anyone whom i dislike and disrespect more than Gordan Ramsay. His suggestions & actions were inappropriate & costly.

Gas. As of now, the Town's Inn in West Virginia is still going strong.

Meson De Mesilla - Season 2 Episode 7

Any fans of Cher out there? You wouldn't be a fan after encountering the owner of this hotel. Things got off to a bad start when Gordon was made sign a damage waiver on arrival, after being confused by the attempted Italian decor, in the middle of New Mexico. The worrying signs began during the tour, where they were three stages, around the dining room. As Gordon was finishing his dessert, Cali (the owner) sat up onstage and began singing this Cher classic


Just sit back and soak up the cringe. The Meson De Mesilla is still open, but under different ownership.

Juniper Hill Inn

"Go on then you pompous fuck!"

This is a juicy one. One of the most deluded owners going, this lad invited all his friends over and let them eat and drink for free and gave them rooms, and wondered why he was in debt. It later emerged he had been stealing tips, and not paying his staff properly. He had the whole place full of antiques which turned out to be worth nothing, and strangest of all, three potbelly pigs in the basement. Ramsay nearly left it as a lost cause.

Unfortunately, the hotel closed in 2015, with debts over $1.1m. The owner's partner was also arrested for assaulting a police officer.

If you like Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares is definitely worth a watch. It can all be watched here for free. Now you have no excuse not to binge!

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