The People Turn Against Jordan As Two Couples Leave Love Island

The People Turn Against Jordan As Two Couples Leave Love Island

Having made his relationship with Anna official mere days earlier, Jordan left the Love Island amid drama galore.

With his relationship mere days old, Jordan seemed to have gotten immediately bored of Anna. He confided in Curtis, admitting that he had the hots for India. Curtis then says this to Maura, who in turn relays the information to Anna. Then it all kicked off.

Anna laid into rightfully laid into Jordan. If he felt bad about going behind the back of someone he's supposed to care about, Jordan needn't have worried, as Curtis was here to brandish advice and assure Jordan that what he did wasn't wrong. Ever the moral authority, Curtis.

This also led to Maura questioning her feelings for Curtis, unable to comprehend how idiotic one man could be.

There was also the small matter of a baby challenge, where the couples had to look after a toy baby. Anna told Jordan to shove his baby, although thankfully it wasn't literal.

Following all this drama, there was the small matter of a dumping from the island. In the final three, Anna and Jordan, Harley and Chris, as well as Maura and Curtis were all in the bottom three. Maura and Curtis were spared, with the recently split-up Anna and Jordan able to never see each other again. The public mourned the loss of Chris, who had become something of a hero within the villa.

Here is all the best reaction to last night's Love Island action:


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