Twitter Is Trying To Decide If There's Beef Between Lady Gaga And Irina Shayk

Twitter Is Trying To Decide If There's Beef Between Lady Gaga And Irina Shayk

Ever since the Oscars aired on Sunday night, and Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga shocked us all with their soul destroyingly beautiful performance of Shallow, Twitter has gone mad trying to figure out if Lady Gaga and Bradley's wife, Irina Shayk have beef.

Obviously, this is ridiculous, and not our place to investigate, but that's clearly not going to stop us from snooping.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have been openly dating since 2016 and had a baby together in 2016. Lady Gaga and Bradley are lovers in a fictional movie, and are exceptional actors, but of course, the chemistry between them can hardly be completely made up?

Well, Twitter has devised a plan to figure out whether or not there is bad blood between the two ladies, after many have been making 'sleeping on the couch' jokes, and searching for expression in either or's face to tell exactly what they are thinking. Obsessive, I know.

Even though I find this whole thing to be absolute nonsense, I've still found myself clicking onto any article written briefly related to it.

Irina sat between Gaga and Bradley during the ceremony and many people found this hilarious, as if there was an act of defense between them.

So, it started out by Twitter having a good goo at Irina's reaction to their performance, to which she surprised many by being the first person up out of her seat to clap and cheer - awh. You can see her in this video wearing the backless,  black dress.


Next was studying the interaction between both ladies after Gaga won her Oscar. At first, it seemed as though everyone was pretty happy with the interaction, saying that they embraced each other soon after the win.

But no, no, no, of course not everyone will see it that way. Twitter users began to question whether it was a genuine hug from Gaga, as the video only show Irina's face, with Irina's arm wrapped around Gaga. Oh, the made up Drama!


Irina looked pretty happy to hug Gaga after her win, with Gaga seemingly less-ecstatic about that hug - but, come on! She just won an Oscar, I'm sure she's in shock.

Anyway, I'm sure they're all at home laughing over the whole thing, with their millions, in their fancy home, after winning an Oscar - living their best life.

All in all, I did enjoy following the fake drama, makes your day a little bit more interesting.

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