Last Night's Love Island: Georgia And Sam Prove Their Loyalty

Last Night's Love Island: Georgia And Sam Prove Their Loyalty

If you missed last night's episode of Love Island, catch up right now because it all kicked-off in the villa and you don't want to miss it.

Picking up exactly where last Sunday night's episode left off, the couples saved by the public vote were asked to choose which couple deserved to be saved more between those still at risk (Wes & Megan, and Sam & Georgia). After intense deliberations, Josh delivered the news that Wes and Megan had been saved, leaving Sam and Georgia still at risk.

Just when we thought Love Island couldn't be any more unpredictable, it did. Caroline Flack gave Sam and Georgia a shocking ultimatum: split up and recouple with one of the four new Islanders to stay on the island or stay together and leave the island.

This left all the Islanders shaken, especially Sam and Georgia. The couple were given some time to discuss their decision. Georgia acted with great maturity when making their decision, forcibly throwing a cushion as any adult would. When Caroline asked them to reveal their decision, Georgia added to the intensity by snapping at the presenter: "Caroline please don't, I can't, I don't want to know", even having the audacity to call her "babes" as she patronisingly calls everyone else, and leaving the other islanders open-mouthed. Caroline responded calmly but not without having a slight dig at Georgia by asking "How important is your relationship and how loyal are you?"

As we all know, Georgia is extremely loyal and proved this by doing what any loyal person would do: Splitting up with her partner, Sam to stay on the island.

The other couples returned to the villa, surprised by the couple's decision, while Sam and Georgia dated the new islanders. Despite their immense loyalty to each other, both Sam and Georgia seemed unfazed by their decision and were open to getting to know the new islanders.


On returning to the villa, Sam and Georgia were infuriated by the other islander's calling their decision "stupid" and claimed that this was a test to their relationship and that they would get through it, despite having to couple up with new people.

Interestingly, despite her initial fury about not being able to carry on as a couple with Sam, Georgia seemed positive about her two dates with new islanders Josh and Paul, telling Dani that Josh is her type and that she got on well with Paul as well, once again proving her unwavering loyalty.

The decision made by the couple led to an explosive row between best friends, Dani and Georgia, which was the cherry on top to an already wildly tense and dramatic episode.

Get ready for the aftermath of last night's drama and hopefully even more on Love Island tonight at 9!

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Sarah McGee

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