17 Situations All Learner Drivers Will Instantly Recognise

17 Situations All Learner Drivers Will Instantly Recognise

"I'm on the provisional!" is one of the first few words you tell people when you're starting out driving. The word "provisional" gently implies thoughts about your driving ability that they passenger must respect. You can offer general lifts to the bus or train station but no random trips to Galway on the motorway or any funny business like that! We've all been a learner driver at one stage! Who can forget their driving instructor or first car? Here are just 17 feelings all learner drivers will know to be true:

1.Hounding the Credit Union for a loan 'cause you can't afford to pay for insurance

"Any chance of a top up on that loan?"

2. Panicking when you think you hear your reg plate being called out over the intercom in your local shop

3. The fear and shame in the eyes of your best friend when you start the car and conk out.


4. Ignoring the strange noises that come from the bonnet of the car by any means necessary

"Turn up the radio!"

5. Turning off the radio when you come to a junction or corner cause you can't see and hear at the same time

6. Waking up in the middle of the night and convincing yourself you've left the light on in your car, the hand break down and haven't closed the windows.

7. Convincing yourself you're finally deadly at driving before causing a traffic jam as you fail to reverse into a car park space.


8. Freaking out when the Guards stop you for the first time

"Hello Mr. Guard man!" *sweats profusely*

9. Avoiding driving during busy hours of the day cause you couldn't cope with the traffic

"No, sorry, I don't drive at that time!"

10. Strangers casually pointing and laughing at you when you conk trying to do a hill start


11. Having to share the road with aggressive full licensed drivers who give you the finger when you aren't driving fast enough

12. Having the absolute bants with your driving instructor until they start screaming at you for being in the middle of the road


13. Convincing yourself it's your shoes that are to blame for all the conking that keeps happening

14. Planning every journey you take on the back roads and avoiding main roads like the plague


15. Opening your car bonnet and closing it again cause you haven't a clue what's going on

16. Being given 6 rosary beads and a book of prayers for your car window by a cautious relative

17. Constantly denting and scratching your car but being reminded by friends and family that it's grand 'cause "it's only your first car!"

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