29 Leaving Cert Memories That Every Irish Person Will Never Forget

29 Leaving Cert Memories That Every Irish Person Will Never Forget

The LC was a stressful time for all of us. Everyones lives hung in the balance as they spent two years preparing for the dreaded exams that had been, until the real thing, a thing of urban legend. Now, looking back, we can recall Leaving Cert memories and laugh about how silly it all was - even though at the time we felt like it would destroy every fibre of our being. Here are just a few of those memories that we'll all remember for the rest of our days:

1. The best weather of the summer was when you were sitting in that exam hall for two weeks

2. Your teacher asking you how you got on after an exam and you lie your ass off so you don't disappoint them

3. You and your friend constantly telling each other "we should've studied harder!"

4. That person stressing about failing their exams and wrecking everyones head only to end up getting 6oo points, the Presidents medal and free life insurance

5. Asking your Mam or anyone who'll listen for reassurance that everything will be alright in the end


6. The pile of mass cards in the letter box that do nothing to ease your anxiety but you appreciate the kind gesture anyway

7. Smoking behind the prefabs 'cause you're an adult now and the stress of the LC is too much

8. Worrying for that person who doesn't seem to give a crap about the impending doom before them - these exams are everything or so we were led to believe

9.  You see the same person the day the LC exams begin in the exam hall looking like they're about to get sick

10. The real fear when you had to leave your phone outside the exam hall


11. Trying to memorise your exam notes before you go into the hall to the point you consider eating them in the hopes you might remember something

12. Waffling for your life on your exam booklet

13. Being torn about whether or not to stay and check over your exam or leave the exam hall early 'cause all your mates have left or outside having fun and enjoying the rare good weather

14. The annoying invigilator who would patrol the seats and stand over you as you wrote your answer

15. Failing your mock exams, laughing about it with your friends and then secretly shitting yourself


16. Not getting your first choice on your CAO form and debating whether or not to move to Alaska were no one knows who you are

17. Carrying a gallon of water into the exam hall just incase the entire room experiences a severe drought and trying to find a space for it on the tiny table

18. And then having to pee so badly but you're afraid everyone will think you're cheating

19. Worrying about your pens exploding or that they'll decide not to work so you buy half the shops supply.

20. Bringing 16 colouring pencils and 5 highlighters into your exam - just incase you need to do a Picasso on a diagram and make up for a few lost marks


21. After each exam pondering what your life would be like if you had to repeat the LC

22. Trying to make up a rap song with your notes 'cause you'll never remember all this information otherwise

23. Not having a clue what anyone is saying during the Gaeilge tape work exam - especially if they were from Donegal

24. Making up new words during your French and Irish oral exam

25. The oral examiner stopping the tape and looking at you like you just shot his/her dog 'cause you have no concept of language


26. Telling everyone you got what you wanted points wise even though inside you felt like an absolute failure

27. Repeatedly calculating your points 'cause it felt like the most crucial moment in your life

28. The relief you experienced when you found out you passed English, Irish and Maths and could definitely go to college -  regardless of the course

29. Realising in college that the LC was a piece of piss and you'd take it back any day over group assessments and countless assignments


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