The 9 Best Memes That Came From Lindsay Lohan Dancing In Mykonos

The 9 Best Memes That Came From Lindsay Lohan Dancing In Mykonos

As more and more celebrities fear becoming a viral sensation in the form of a meme, we rarely see them act out of the ordinary. Thankfully, Lindsay Lohan is one celebrity who doesn't shine away from the spotlight.

This weekend, Lohan, or Lilo to the tabloid press, decided to dance up a storm in her Greek resort,the Lohan Beach House, in Mykonos. Almost immediately, the clip went viral thanks to Lohan's bizarrely relatable dance moves.

Since Saturday thousands of people have taken to social media to share their Lindsay Lohan impression of the dance under the #dothelilo. One thing is clear: many memes rose from the ashes of Lohan's dance moves and here are some of the best memes and some additional clips of the performance:

1. Forgetting to block your co-workers from your Instagram stories after a heavy weekend on the tiles.

2. When the service is too good at a restaurant:

3. If we leared one thing from this episode: Never block Lindsay Lohan's performance of Madonna's 'Vogue' from a crowd of worshippers:


4. #sorrynotsorry

5. The Mean Girls sequel we all deserve.

6. If you say 'Lindsay Lohan' three times into a mirror she will appear. Whether or not you can afford her appearance fee is another story.


7. We never thought we'd see the day when Lindsay Lohan would dance to one of her own songs again.

8. When you hit a gay bar with your friends after your ex emotionally cheats on you.

9. Oprah knew.

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