Tinder Is To Introduce Celebrity Accounts

Yes, you read correctly, Tinder is going to introduce celebrity verification to it's accounts. Similar to the blue tick on Twitter, there will be some sort of checkmark to show that the account is real. According, to Digital Spy,  "Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Kennedy, Lindsay Lohan, and Josh Groban are among the stars who have been known to use the service." E! host Chelsea Handler has also spoken publicly about using the service.


Founder and CEO of TinderSean Rad, also highlighted that many celebrities often get passed on the service as people think that they are fake accounts. But, I somehow doubt when this checkmark trait comes in that people will press the X button. He added; "Tinder gives the celebrities the control to filter through the noise and communicate with people they want to know." 


With over 750 million people using the service and up to 10 million matches a day, maybe those celebrities out there are just dying to use it. With this massive success rate, Tinder doesn't seem like it is going away anytime soon.


Here, Lindsay Lohan gets matched with her brother Michael. I assume this was very awkward.

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