Louis Theroux Wants 'Prisoner' Melania Trump As Next Documentary Subject

Louis Theroux Wants 'Prisoner' Melania Trump As Next Documentary Subject

World class filmmaker and millennial hero,  Louis Theroux says 'Prisoner' Melania Trump would be his ideal subject for a documentary, among others.

Louis has revealed it would be a dream of his to study Melania Trump and create a profile on her, discussing her lifestyle and whether it's something she ever thought she would end up in.

He explains how the President of the United States' wife is a prisoner of a different kind, trapped in a lifestyle she may not want, but is forced to keep up the facade through all the drama and scandal that comes with being in the center stage of America's political system.

I think a really interesting story would be Melania Trump. You would sort of film with her in this kind of gilded cage that she inhabits.

There’s something of ‘could she have known what she was signing on for?’

No doubt this is something that crosses all of our minds any time we see her by Trump's side, shaking his hand away from hers as they walk through the crowds of American people. Who knows what she may be thinking with such a straight face and lack of open emotion. Louis continues:


 Did she just think she was marrying a billionaire, who she thought was perhaps quite funny, and interesting?“Maybe not physically attractive, but that he could provide her with a certain lifestyle, introduce her to a world that was interesting?

And then now, she’s a prisoner of – I mean, I’m speaking hypothetically because we don’t really know, do we – but she’s a metaphorical prisoner of that lifestyle.
I for one would love to see this documentary come to life. An all out exclusive with Melania would be the biggest documentary of the decade, divulging all the juicy secrets from the front-line.
Louis has also said that Assange and Meghan and Harry would also be a dream documentary subject for him to cover.
We're holding out for this Louis. Get the people what they want!
Theroux is currently working on a project focused on postpartum depression.

Mothers On The Edge airs on BBC Two on May 12th.

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