Love Island America Will Be Coming To Irish Television This Year

Love Island America Will Be Coming To Irish Television This Year

Much like the rashes many of the former contestants of Love Island no doubt developed during their time in the villa, Love Island itself is something that simply will not go away - topical antibiotic or not! The popularity of Love Island, aired on ITV2, has seemed to inexorably grow year on year, with ever more people getting drawn into into the gaping maw of its gravitational pull. Like some virulent plague - but one where those infected possess a deeply unhealthy fascination with watching groups of personal trainers from regional English towns do 'hand-stuff' on pool furniture  - it threatens to engulf the earth.

When the most recent season ended last summer, those of us who'd allowed ourselves to be consumed by it; those of us who willingly and lovingly embraced the darkness until we were utterly enveloped in its murky folds, were left bereft. Aside from a fleeting and perfunctory Christmas special - which focused far too heavily on one of the more forgettable islanders, Eyal, trying to sex up another forgettable islander, [having Googled her] Kendall - we were faced the horrifying prospect of having to wait almost an entire year until another fleet of preternaturally de-haired singletons are marooned inside a villa with the sole task of sexing their way to victory.

Well, thankfully, this nightmarish scenario has been avoided as Virgin Media Two - sweet blessed Virgin Media Two - have promised a salve to cure our woes. In an announcement pertaining to their upcoming Spring schedule of broadcasting, they announced that Love Island USA and Love Island Australia will be coming to Virgin Media Two this Spring.


While official broadcast dates for these have yet to be announced, one can only imagine that it will be sometime during 'Spring'. We will never escape from the throes of this unholy love, we do not want to escape from these depths.

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Rory McNab

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