Met Éireann Gives Update On 'Siberian Snowbomb' Heading Through Europe

Met Éireann Gives Update On 'Siberian Snowbomb' Heading Through Europe

It's difficult to imagine what a 'Siberian Snowbomb' might entail. At best, it sounds like it is perhaps some fancy new cocktail that would only ever be served in a mason jar or in a refurbished urn, at worst, a deplorable sex move that contravenes some, if not all, of the recipient's basic human rights. Or there is the third, what might be called 'actual', option - that it is simply a weather event.

While much of Europe is set to be blanketed by a significant snow-weather event moving East - with over 60cm of snow forecast in places, Met Éireann have said that Ireland will in all likelihood escape unscathed. Over the next few days, and into the middle of January much of Eastern and Central Europe will be inundated by this weather event. A BBC meteorologist described how the weather events constituted an 'Arctic Blizzard Warning'.

Met Éireann have confirmed however that it will not reach as far as Ireland, and perhaps not fully over to the UK either. Meteorolgist John Eagleton told The Irish Sun that the 'Siberian Snowbomb' is;

"Not for us, I'm not even sure the UK will get it. It is bad over the continent, Austria have a red warning for 60cm of snow there. The northerly winds coming down towards Germany and parts of France, a bit of that is swiping the UK as well but we're OK."


So, things will remain as they are then, in this current, unremarkable state of winter-y-ness. Apologies for any disappoint caused by this.

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