Love Island Australia To Be Aired On 3e

Love Island Australia To Be Aired On 3e

Given the success of Love Island this season, 3e have answered our prayers and will be broadcasting the Australian version of the show in time for the UK series wrapping up, giving us an additional six weeks of sun, scandal and savage memes.

As someone who has given up my social life this summer to balance both the UK and Australian series', I can say that we are in for a treat with the Australian series.

Get ready for the hilarious commentary of our very own Eoghan McDermott, more intense arguments, love triangles and even fist fights, because this summer is about to get even more heated!

This series' islanders include a doggy day-care worker, an international rugby player, and someone who's had history with Justin Bieber...


Catch it at 10.05pm exclusively on 3e from the 23rd of July.

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Sarah McGee

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