Watch: 'Pitch Perfect' Group Of Irish Students Wow On Australian Radio

Watch: 'Pitch Perfect' Group Of Irish Students Wow On Australian Radio

Ireland's history with sending people to Australia is long and seasoned. Occasionally, however, people do depart these shores to head down under who haven't been deported as criminals or forced to emigrate due to economic hardship. Occasionally there will be a group of fellas who head to Australia simply with the intention of blasting some tunes, a capella style - but I really can't stress enough how rare this is, comparatively speaking.

The Trinitones, one of Ireland's leading acapella groups, are currently on their 'Land Downunder Tour' of Australia. As part of this, they were invited onto ABC Radio Sydney to give a rendition of Frankie Valli & The Four Season's song Beggin' and they didn't fail to impress.

The group, from Trinity College Dublin, formed in 2012 and have performed at events such as Trinity Ball and Electric Picnic. The current members of the group, as listed on their Facebook page are: Matthew Douglas, Neil Dunne, Karl Hegarty, Evan Holland, Jeff Johnston, Andy Keenan, Barra MacMahon, Fionn McGorry, Zach Miller-Frankel, Matt Murtagh, Conor O’Shea, Jemil Saidi, Dahnan Spurling and Sam White. They have gained a fair bit of recognition online for their brand of 'pop a capella' with versions of songs such as 'Ignition'.

 They perform regularly around Dublin, so check out their Facebook page if you feel like it. If not, that is entirely your decision as well and I respect that.

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