The Winners And Losers Of Last Night's 'Love Island' Christmas Reunion

The Winners And Losers Of Last Night's 'Love Island' Christmas Reunion

After weeks of waiting for the Christmas special of the season to arrive, last night we got to sit back and reunite ourselves with the Love Island cast of summer 2018.

Sadly, fans felt the absence of Jack, Rosie, and Josh and, without Caroline to steer the conversation, the reunion felt a  bit rehearsed.

Other than Dr. Alex being forgotten by Hayley, which was pure shade, here are the winners and losers from last night's Christmas special:



One of the most talked about moments from last night came when Ellie confronted Charlie about those cheating allegations. Refusing to discuss it with her, Charlie crossed his arms and stared into space like the true child he is while Ellie's parents had to find out about their breakup over Instagram.



The Georgia and Sam showdown was bleak but what's bleaker is Georgia still using the word loyal to get her out of any situation. This time it's Sam revealing that Georgia visited her ex at 4 am which screamed suspicious.


Eyal & Kendall

The Love Island producers tried to convince us that Eyal and Kendall had hooked up and nobody bought it. To add fuel to the fire, Eyal jumped into a pool with jeans on and Kendall revealed how being in the villa changed her life - even though she was there for about five minutes.



Hayley pretending she still doesn't have a clue about Brexit, even though she appeared on every prime time show in the Western world, mugged everyone off:




Ian Sterling

The Scottish comedian is a hit with viewers but his constant jokes about Jack and Dani getting back together was legitimately entertaining and made the Christmas special feel less stale.



Even though watching Laura and Paul discuss their relationship was like watching paint dry, fans of the show can't help but love Laura's ability to pick herself up and dust the fuck boys off.




Not appearing on the special, which was never explained, turned into a genius PR move for brand Josh & Kaz. Even though Kaz revealed Josh would be filming in LA before the special, fans switched off in protest as it wasn't the same without his or Jack's banter.



The OG villain has become a bit of a shero since leaving the villa. Not only does she only work on ad campaigns she believes in, recently she fronted Glamour's blend out bullying campaign, but her new look also left fans hot under the collar while others obsessed over the fact she hadn't toned her hair.

While we can't help feeling like this isn't the end of Love Islands 2018 cast, considering the popularity of the show, roll on the shenanigans from the 2019 crew!

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