'Skins' Star To Return With New Netflix Drama

'Skins' Star To Return With New Netflix Drama

It seems like forever since one of the cast members of Skins has been on our screens and now we've finally hit the jackpot.

Kaya Scodelario, who played Effy in the first four seasons of Skins, will star as the lead in new Netflix series Spinning Out. The series will focus on Kat Baker, a naturally gifted ice skater whose career is threatened by a terrible fall.

In order to restart her career, Baker teams up with a talented bad boy and becomes a pairs skater in the ten-episode drama.

Sold as the television version of Black Swan, about a ballerina who loses her mind, and I, Tonya, the series will focus on Baker's financial sacrifice and her mental and physical health as she tries to fulfill her Olympic dream.

The shows creator is Samantha Stratton, a former competitive skater, who's involved in Brendan Gleeson's Mr. Mercedes. Scodelario will replace Emma Roberts who dropped out the project due to scheduling conflicts, according to TVNow. 


While Spinning Out won't exactly fill that giant Skins hole in our hearts, you can catch every season of the teen drama on Netflix now.

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