A Single From Everyone's Favourite Love Island Couple Is At No. 1

A Single From Everyone's Favourite Love Island Couple Is At No. 1

The world is in a delicate state of flux at the moment.The very foundations of modern Western politics seem to be eroding beneath our feet and we are facing ecological meltdown on a cataclysmic scale. I'm sure that we can all agree that the balm we all needed at this difficult time, the salve guaranteed to heal all our wounds is the news that a pair of people, who've gained some degree of notoriety from appearing on a reality television show, have released a single. A single made of music. Music that they've made themselves.

That's right, Chris and Kem of Love Island fame, have released their debut single. The pair featured in a brief spin-off show which aired on ITV2 over the weekend, which charted their attempts to create a single, with none other than Stormzy, and lo' and behold the offspring of this ungodly union has been unleashed into the world as the single 'Little Bit Leave It'. And it has already soared to risen to Number 1 in the iTunes charts.

Indeed their association with Stormzy is alluded to in the song during a section where they very assertively make some pretty sweeping statements, proudly declare themselves as "Stormzy's mate". The line immediately preceding it however deserves some attention; it's either simply 'That's insane" or, and I really hope it to be this one, "Paxman's mane".

If we can just take pause for a minute and imagine a world where that is definitely the lyric. Paxman's mane. An allusion to former Newsnight presenter, turned Rivers With Jeremy Paxman presenter, Jeremy Paxman's imagined mane. Jeremy Paxman with the mane of a lion. Never has a more fitting comparison been drawn in so few words, Jeremy Paxman, the perennial apex predator of television presenting, with the flowing mane of a lion, the ultimate fusion of man and beast, the two greatest products of the plains of Africa and British public service broadcasting.


They also then make what seems to be a reference to the current season of bake off, in the next line, "Make that cake, Stacey's bake". We can only hope that this is a reference to current baker in the GBBO Stacey.

Give it a listen, and then regret that decision, regret it with all of your heart. Pine for the time before you subjected yourself to this inanity.

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Rory McNab

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