Love Island Received One Of The Highest Number Of Complaints In 2018 For This Scene

Love Island Received One Of The Highest Number Of Complaints In 2018 For This Scene

It's been a whole five months since Love Island ended, and I got my normal life back after spending weeks in front of the TV watching the Islanders talk about birds, impersonating different accents, and trying my best not to cringe to death at the redness of Alex's skin.

The drama that was Love Island 2018 was something we were all happy to witness, but there's one scene that we can all safely say that we were quite taken a-back by. When the boys and the girls were split up, and the lads put into Casa Amor, tensions were running high for everyone and it was like watching a survival show rather than Love Island. Megan split from Wes, Adam almost made the biggest mistake of his life ditching Zara, but seeing Jack and Dani separated was the hardest part of all.

Even though we all saw Jack sleeping in the outside bed and talking about how much he miss his one and only, Dani, the producers took it upon themselves to show a different version of the story to Dani, who was patiently waiting for Jack back in the Villa.

I'm sure you all have clicked on to what it is by now. The producers of Love Island sent Dani a clip of Jack in the Villa with his recent ex from back home, Ellie. Dani then feared the worst and broke down, causing us all emotional turmoil, making us scream at the TV that that isn't happening!!

Anyways, its been months, and Jack and Dani are all fine, but at the time many people weren't happy with the way it caused Dani so much stress and pain and made formal complaints to the show. According to OfCom, the episode received 4,000 official complaints, ranking it the fourth highest complaint level from the year. Ahead of that was the Tommy Robinson interview, Loose Women with Coleen Nolan and Kim Woodburn, and number one was Big Brother, with the incident with Ryan Thomas and Roxanne Pallett.

If you want to relive the horrifying moment Dani saw the clip from Casa Amor, you can watch it below.



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