There's A Love Island Drinking Game Out There And "It Is What It Is"

There's A Love Island Drinking Game Out There And "It Is What It Is"

Love Island returned to our screens this week and from the get-go "Love Island-isms" have been firmly established. "Love Island-isms"  are the various slogans and catchphrases that are formed every year. Last year's slogan, how could we forget, came from Georgia with "I'm loyal babes" and 2017 it was "My type on paper" which first originated from Olivia. This year's phrase came about in episode one about after Sherif was relegated to the subs' bench after Amber stood forward for nice guy Callum. This lead Sherif to shrug it off and say "it is what it is" and the 2019 Love Island slogan was born. With a slogan comes a drinking game and users have taken to Twitter to suggest the Love Island drinking game:

Fans of the show have added to the Love Island drinking game with taking a shot every time Lucie tries to make 'bev' or bevy' happen. According to Lucie's dictionary of made up words, "Bev" is her word to describe a hot guy: "A bev is a hot guy, if he's your boyfriend he's your bev, but if he's not your boyfriend he's a bev." According to the rest of the world, a "bev" and a "bevvy" is a drink. In her hopeless bid to get 'Bev' to catch on, she has mentioned it that many times per episode participants in this drinking game would be legless by the end of it.


Aware of the dangers of this drinking game due to the sheer amount of times the phrases are uttered, Love Island has advised against it.

Don't try this at home.

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