Love Island Fans Are Loving Maura After Last Night's Explosive Episode

Love Island Fans Are Loving Maura After Last Night's Explosive Episode

Breaking news from the Love Island villa, sources say Maura from Longford was rushed to hospital with severe back pains after carrying the entire series. In one episode she has single-handedly caused more drama than all of week one and the fans loved it.

Maura from the Midlands first entered the villa on Wednesday and has been trending on Twitter ever since. In a dramatic entrance, Maura strutted into the villa and had a date with three of the boys, one for each of the three courses. She sat down to a date with Tommy, Danny and Michael as the girls watched from the balcony and made bitchy remarks. The Twitter reaction to this date and the subsequent fall out was absolutely gas.

One Twitter user pointed out how women's standards have dropped so low that they are publically fighting over a man who served up a slice of bread with tomato ketchup. Ah to be fair to Tommy, there was a slice of cheese on there as well.

The girls of the villa were quite frankly an embarrassment to themselves and an embarrassment to women as the heckled Maura from the balcony. The shit really hit the fan when Maura reacted to the girls' bitchy comments by feeding Michael dessert.

Following the date, the drama continued when Tommy made a beeline for Maura and told her his head has been turned 560 degrees.



Fans are crediting Maura with carrying this year's show.

Fans are heaping praise on another Islander following last night's dramatic episode. Fair dues Anton, you said it how it is.


The Maura Higgins Show  Love Island continues tonight at 9 pm.

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