Love Island Fans Think These Two Islanders Will Leave In Shock Twist

Love Island Fans Think These Two Islanders Will Leave In Shock Twist

This series of Love Island has more twists than our country roads. Following Sunday night's dramatic recoupling, Islanders received a text informing them that they had to vote for the two couples they felt were the least compatible. The two couples with the most votes would face elimination. Couples went away and deliberated and the outcome in Eurovision fashion was; Curtis and Amy and Michael and Amber, nul points, Danny and Yewande and Tommy and Molly Molly-Mae, 2 votes, Joe and Lucie, 3 votes and Anton And Elma, 5 votes.


So "Jucie' and "Elmton" face elimination through the public vote, but here's the shock twist, the public get to split the couple ups. Rather than simply vote for a couple to leave the villa, people can vote for one person from each couple that they want to stay. In that case, it's a no brainer, keep Anton and Lucie.

In Sunday's episode, Ofcom received 302 complaints about Lucie's treatment in the house and Joe's controlling language and over possessive behaviour. Due to his insecurities, he was uncomfortable with her friendship with Tommy Fury saying, "I'm not happy with it. It's strange. I think it's time for you to get close with the girls."

Understandably, Lucie was in tears. Fans are only delighted to have the opportunity to kick him out of the villa and free Lucie from the repression he subjects her to.


The second person Love Island Fans are convinced will be sent packing today is Elma. If fans have to choose has to be made between Elma and Anton, Anton wins every time. With Anton, we have seen the most character development of anyone else in the villa. Like Amber, we started out hating him but like a fungus, he's grown on us. Moments like when he checked in on Yewande when he noticed she was down, told Molly-Mae she made her bed and to lie in it and when he hugged Anna after choosing to couple up with Elma prove we're not ready to say goodbye to Anton. Elma, the eyelash technician from Essex, on the other hand, has made very little impact in the villa. Fans have classified her a "class A shit- stirrer" for going back to Lucie to say Amy was bitching. She did mix things up by giving Maura a taste of her own medicine by flirting with new guy Tom, but sorry Elma it looks like a short-lived stay in the Love Island.


All will be revealed tonight.

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