Love Island Teaser: Poor Maura Has Reached Breaking Point

Love Island Teaser: Poor Maura Has Reached Breaking Point

Our favourite Islander Maura hasn't had the easiest time in the villa. First, she set her sights on Tommy Fury and was disappointed when he chose to stick with Molly-Mae in the recoupling. On the rebound, she moved on to Tom. Tom from the start has been nothing short of a disappointment, his only redeeming quality is a great jawline.

This week Tom confided in his friend Jordan that he was having doubts about Maura. In the conversation, Tom described the Longford model as "loud and attention seeking" stating that her behaviour makes him 'cringe'. Breaking his friend of 5 days trust, Jordon told Anna. The self-proclaimed "Girls girl" Anna, without directly telling Maura what was said, warned her that Tom was having doubts.

In this teaser released earlier today, Jordon spills the tea and Maura confronts Tom about what's been said. The short teaser also shows Maura crying in the beach hut about the way this man has treated her. To the viewers at home, this is the first time we have seen the Longford model upset and vulnerable. I for one have the urge to hunt down the man that's upset her.

You can watch the full Love Island teaser here:


Here's an idea, send Tom packing along with Dicky and Umbrella for the total lack of respect he has shown to women. Better still, how about a change to the show's format. Let's start celebrating singles. Sure they're on the show "to find love", it has nothing to do with the 50k, 15 minutes of fame or building the 'Social Influencer' profiles. But how about we stop shunning and ridiculing the single housemates, poor Anton. Instead give Islanders a choice to say 'fuck it, I'm staying single'.

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Deirdre Kelly

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