A Wine And Cheese Festival Is Coming To Dublin Soon

A Wine And Cheese Festival Is Coming To Dublin Soon

It is sunny out. Sweat is starting to bead on your forehead as your sun slowly reddens under the summer glare. You feel your skin under your shirt start to grow tacky in the heat, there is no doubt about it, only a fool would dispute that it is evidently the height of summer. You stare around you - in whatever park; expanse of greenery, or roundabout you're currently perched upon to catch some sweet, sweet rays - and scoff at all those who slink about wielding ice-creams. You smirk to yourself as you see them vainly battling to keep an order in the once-frozen cream, now rapidly wilting under the sun, struggling to prevent its sugary charge from dripping all over their hands.

You have not been drawn in by such trite, conventional wisdom as to secure yourself a cool, refreshing ice-cream to help abate the intensity of the summer heat. You are no sheep. Instead, you look down at the tickets you have clutched in your clammy paw. You, you will celebrate the sun by consuming vast quantities of wine and cheese at a specific wine and cheese event in Dublin. Like some decadent late-era Roman Emperor you will gorge on these substances under a baking sun until you feel your pores becoming clogged with emulsified cheese. That is your plan, that is how you will celebrate summer and the sun.

Or at least, should you buy tickets to the wine and cheese festival which will be taking place in Dublin from August 8-11, then this could be the reality you create for yourself. The four day event is split into eight separate ticketed events - with each day split into a day or evening entry ticket. The day tickets will secure you access to the event from 12pm to 4:30pm, while the evening ticket is valid between 5:30pm to 10:30pm.

This wine and cheese festival will be taking place in the Iveagh Gardens. At the moment they are still looking for participants and partners for the event, so the final offering of what you will secure by purchasing a ticket is still to be confirmed.

However, on their website, where tickets can be purchased, starting at €16, they say that each ticket-holder is entitled to 'entrance to the festival and includes all music, entertainment, demos & pre-bookable tastings & masterclasses.' In other words, you will be able to access cheese and wine through myriad media. You can consume it; there will be music concerning the two; there will be talks concerning wine and, yes, presumably cheese too. Should you be a fan of these substances, then this it would simply be nothing short of lunacy should you refuse to ply it with your custom.


Tickets are available through their website, here.

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