Laura Whitmore Is Dating Love Island's Biggest Star

Laura Whitmore Is Dating Love Island's Biggest Star

The romance and shenanigans of Love Island have left a lot of you entertained these last two months. It turns out not everybody was just finding love on the island though. Behind the scenes, it look likes your favourite Love Island voice- over has found his match and she's one of our own.

According to The Sun, Iain Stirling, a Scottish born comedian and voice over for the hit reality show, met none other than the former face of MTV Laura Whitmore at an ITV party last year and the pair hit it off. The pair were introduced by mutual friend, Strictly's Ode Oduba.

If you were wondering who Iain is outside of Love Island then you're missing out. The comedian will be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his new show "U Ok Hun? x".

A friend told The Sun that they're the "perfect match":

They kept the relationship private to give it the best possible chance, but it’s well known in their close circle of friends how happy they are... They are very much in love and are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Laura hinted at the romance in a recent Instagram post which included the hashtag #theislandbreak - hinting at visiting Stirling in the Channel Islands.

Iain, 29, is hosting another game show entitled Celebability and Laura is currently acting in the play Not Dead Enough.


Iain told the UK The Huffington Post:

The one place I always get recognised for my voice – and this is the God’s honest truth – is when I’m at the till in Topman paying for my clothes. Every time.

Sorry Laura, but you can't hide behind that oversized gin glass forever. Everbody say, love.

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