Love Island's Camilla Thurlow Is Moving In With A Fellow Contestant

Love Island's Camilla Thurlow Is Moving In With A Fellow Contestant

Perhaps the most intense love affair that has sprung up over the course of the last season of Love Island has been between the viewers and the show itself.

As such it'd be unreasonable of us to expect you to go from being inundated with news about the show on a daily basis to having to hack it cold turkey since the show's concluded, with not a whisper about the lives of 'The Supreme Hump Posse' (the cast) to get you through the day.

Well apparently two of the gang are moving in together and this is cause for both celebration, and an article. Camilla Thurlow revealed, in an interview with Metro, that she'll be looking to move to London to live, not with the lump of libidinous muscle known as 'Jamie from Essex', but with her BFF from the show Gabby.

‘It’s not that necessarily I live in that part of Scotland it was my base when I travelled,’ she said, ‘I am hoping to have a base with Gabby here in London, and then I’ll work out of that, so have a base here.’

‘I love Gabs, she was my rock – we’ll be best friends for life.

This will no doubt come as distressing news to one-time love-bird, most-of-the-time creepy lovesick puppy Craig Lawson, who over the course of the show revealed his infatuation for Camilla in increasingly stalkerish ways.


Despite seeming like a man who still thinks its a socially acceptable form of flirting to 'poke' someone on Facebook, Craig strikes an oddly tragic figure. He has recently claimed that he'd like to continue his reality television career (though as the adage goes; 'a shag in a Majorcan villa does not a reality tv career make') by joining TOWIE.

Though it's since been reported that he may be dropping these plans to coincidentally move to London as well saying, “I'm thinking of moving into Camilla...CAMDEN! Shit, I meant Camden...”

Well, okay, maybe we made that last quote up...

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Rory McNab

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