Love Island's Kaz And Josh Apparently Broke Up Weeks Ago But Had To Go On PR Holiday Together

Love Island's Kaz And Josh Apparently Broke Up Weeks Ago But Had To Go On PR Holiday Together

Last week came the news that yet another domino had fallen, yet another couple from Love Island had fallen. Kaz And Josh became the latest pair who seemed unable to maintain the romantic momentum built up in the febrile environment of being marooned in the BHV (Big Hump Villa) in the real world.

Indeed, I believe it was Oscar Wilde who once said, "There are only so many promotional appearances one couple can make in the regional dance clubs of the UK before even the purest love begins to wilt." Such was presumably the terrible toll exacted on Kaz and Josh's relationship and thus it should have come as no real surprise when news of its collapse broke.

Kaz announced their parting in a carefully worded and dignified statement last week on Instagram. Seemingly providing us, the public with no real right to pry upon the private lives of others, with enough information - namely that, they had parted ways. However, the great wheels of conspiracy that operate within the very depths of the internet, the engines that fuel the internet's very essence, have begun to stir and offer forth, from their gaping maw, an alternate train of events.

It has been suggested that the couple had actually split several weeks prior to their announced parting last week and that they had refrained from making this information pubic as they were obliged to go on a holiday as a couple to Miami and Jamaica as part of a previously agreed sponsorship deal with Sandals resorts. This, the sentence I have just written may prove to be the final nail in the coffin, the last echoes of the death knell of the very concept of romance itself.

Rumours that this might have been the case first began to circulate after Josh mysterious' absence from the Christmas re-union of the show, coupled with the fact that Kaz then jetted off to Thailand to celebrate her birthday with friends but without Josh. Upon returning from this trip she apparently went to visit former islander Laura before visiting anyone else and that her and Josh had not been seen together publicly for several weeks prior to their holiday together.

People have been suggesting that all of this together suggests that there relationship may have really ended prior to the slew of photos they uploaded together. A spokesperson for Josh said there was 'no truth' to these rumours however, which frankly begs the question, what is lowest modicum of celebrity someone can reasonably have while still having a 'spokesperson'.


Could this be true? Who knows. Does it matter whether it is? Absolutely not. Is it, really, any of our business? Again, absolutely not.

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