There's A Madeline McCann Documentary Coming To Netflix This Month

There's A Madeline McCann Documentary Coming To Netflix This Month

Twelve years after the disappearance in Portugal of Madeline McCann, aged three, that shook the entire world, Netflix will be releasing a rumoured eight-part documentary.

This documentary has been circling in the air of Netflix releases for months now. It was rumoured to be released last year, but the parents of Madeline McCann refused to be involved seeing as the case of their missing daughter is still on going - fair enough.

This documentary still won't involve Gerry and Kate McCann, or the family who they were on holidays with that year, but will involve many people who were close to the family and the investigation.

First rumoured as an eight-part series, the documentary is now being referred to as a feature length film.

The abduction that happened over a decade ago, which still has left so many unanswered questions and has made a huge impact on modern media, is still an ongoing investigation, with millions being spent over the last 12 years trying to figure out what happened to Madeline McCann.

"We understand it is a serialised drama but neither Kate, Gerry nor their holiday friends and main players have co-operated in any shape or form," a family friend revealed. 

"And we have no idea who the actors are. We believe it is coming out very soon, within the next two weeks and before the next anniversary."


Yep, it seems the documentary will be released very soon, with the 12 year anniversary edging closer and closer.

The case of Madeline McCann has been a fixation for us all ever since her abduction, and even though we've all heard the stories, and the theories over and over, it's still impossible to wrap your head around. Although we may never get an answer on what happened, it is still one of the most mind-boggling kidnappings of all time.

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