Win Money By Simply Playing A Game On Your Smartphone

Win Money By Simply Playing A Game On Your Smartphone

HQ the trivia app released last summer has worked its way into the daily routine of many.

Do you want to be a millionaire??? HQ is getting you their one dollar at a time.

HQ is a live trivia game, lasts under 20 minutes and can be played only on your smartphone There are 2 live games aired daily. One at 3 pm every weekday and another 9 pm Eastern time.

The game is intense. With only 10 seconds to answer each question you barely have time to read it. To make it worse the screen is filled with constant distractions and shout outs.

Each player is challenged with 12 trivia questions ranging from all topics. The questions are given one by one and with one wrong answer, you are eliminated. If you're 'smart' enough to make it past all 12 questions you are awarded the prize money via PayPal. The only catch, you have to split the winnings will ALL of the other winners. But that hasn't killed the hype.


As you can see, people are going crazy making it to the end; even if the winnings are minimal.

This woman even got her self an invite to the Ellen Show for her over the top excitement.

HQ has also introduced a "Winner Takes All"  version where the questions keep coming until there is one left standing.

In May a spin-off was released, HQ sports- focusing on sports trivia.

Kaili Sager

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