Is Maura Even Single? The Truth About Those Engagement Rumours

Is Maura Even Single? The Truth About Those Engagement Rumours

Things are heating up in Love Island villa this week. Maura from Longford entered the villa on Wednesday. In one episode alone she has single-handedly caused more drama than one all week and is now credited with carrying this year's show.

Rumours have been rife since she entered the villa. The media uncovered an old Depop page that revealed that she was engaged. More recently, a headline from the Mirror labelled the Ballymahon native as "desperate for fame" and claimed sources say she has a long-term boyfriend and is "engaged". Quite shocking revelations for someone that is on a dating show to find love. According to a reliable source, Maura's Irish mammy, these rumours are completely false. Speaking to the Longford Leader, Maura's Mum Sharon said "Don't judge her too quickly..she has a heart of gold". Funny that my lovely Mayo Mammy says the same thing about me, or at least she better. Labelling all the tabloid rumours as "misinformation", Maura's mum added:

Maura was in a nine-year relationship and she got engaged to that guy and that just fizzled out, she was so young when the relationship started - still a teenager, in fact.

And then she was broken up for a good while and she started dating another guy and they (online tabloid newspapers) are after putting pictures of this guy up, saying about her being engaged. She was never engaged to this guy. She was only with him a short while and what happened was he cheated on her.

Someone cheated on Maura, Christ, that's not very reassuring for all us single ladies out there. What Maura's Mum has said does align with the brief snippets of her dating history that Maura divulged on her date. She admitted to previously being in a long term relationship and also that she "hating being single". Hating being single, that sounds like something someone in a relationship would say...

Moving swiftly on from my vague speculation on her relationship status, the next pending question is has Maura previously met Tommy? And is Love Island all completely staged? Well, both Maura and Tommy have the same management, Off Limits Entertainment, so I have my suspicions.


Maura Higginstommy fury

I would take this showmance with a pinch of salt and divert my attention to a couple that seems genuine, team Yewande and Danny all the way.

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