Floyd Mayweather Used A Very Irish Term To Insult Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Used A Very Irish Term To Insult Conor McGregor

Wednesday night's media event in Toronto to promote Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather's August 26th bout was a far more lively affair in comparison to the previous night in LA.

It had much to do with McGregor being prepared. It appeared the Irishman had expected a UFC-style press event on Tuesday where the fighters would field questions from journalists. That was not the format. Instead, the fighters stood in front of the crowd to deliver a monologue.

Irish voices were out in force in Toronto. Ole was the chant from the crowd, along with a plea for Mayweather to 'pay your taxes'. His 'Hard Work' mantra was roundly booed.

'You can't even read'

As McGregor finished his time with the microphone, he took a moment to deliver some very personal barbs to Mayweather's face, asking, 'What are you doing with a schoolbag on stage? You can't even read.'





Earlier in the evening, as the two stood toe-to-toe, Mayweather appeared to very pointedly call McGregor an 'eejit'. That was confirmed later when the undefeated boxer again used the very Irish phrase in an attempt to insult McGregor.

Mayweather may have been told this was a word far more biting than it actually is.




Mayweather and the Irish flag

Mayweather's appropriation of Irish culture did not finish with calling McGregor an 'eejit'. He also draped himself in an Irish flag taken from the crowd.

McGregor used this as an opportunity to have a rummage in Mayweather's bag.


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