Meet Barbra The Bra Wearing Sheep From Norwich

Meet Barbra The Bra Wearing Sheep From Norwich

This is like a scene from Father Ted, move over Chris the prize-winning sheep and say hello to Barbra the bra wearing sheep.

Barbra recently had twin lambs Buddy and Blossom. Barbra's owners David Cross and his wife Kathryn noticed the mother sheep was having issues with a very droopy udder, which was dragging off the ground and led to her struggling to feed little Buddy and Blossom. Seeing Barbara's struggle, David and Kathyrn came up with the creative solution, a sheep bra or just a regular bra only on a sheep.

Speaking to the Metro, Kathyrn recalls her neighbour's offering up her own bra for the comfort of the sheep.

The ewe is an older girl, perfectly fit and healthy but when her udder bagged up with milk it was nearly dragging on the ground. ‘A droopy undercarriage is one of those things that happens when you get on in years.

When she had her twin lambs they couldn’t get to the teats. ‘David was joking that she needed a bra for support. ‘Our neighbour happened to be round at the time and said she was just throwing out an old one if he wanted it – it was a 44DD and was actually a perfect fit.

If you have ever wondered what cup size a sheep is, you have your answer, DD. How did Barbra react to her new bra you might ask. Kathryn states that the ewe was totally unphased by the whole experience. Who can blame Barbra for feeling unphased, she has a solution to her drooping udder predicament and a rather stylish bra. No plain white unflattering t-shirt bra for this ewe. No one puts Barbra in the corner. Barbara is the envy of sheep everywhere with her delicate, baby pink bra with a sheer or 'shear' back.



H/T: Metro

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