9 Reasons Why Miss Congeniality Is One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time

9 Reasons Why Miss Congeniality Is One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time

Released in 2000, Miss Congeniality has aged beautifully. Low on the list of the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, Miss Congeniality is some of Sandra Bullock's finest work and its mix of quirky one-liners and stand out cast make it a must watch for any night in. It was tough, but we narrowed down 9 moments that make Miss Congeniality truly great:

1. The Starbucks Scene

Don't we all wish we could have this much confidence to skip a queue?

2. The Ice Cream Scene

An example of how we should all conduct ourselves in the company of a crush/exes other half.


3. Victor Melling

The sassy supporting actor award goes to Caine. Caine plays Victor Melling, Gracie Hart's stylist who spits out one-liners like there's no tomorrow.


4. The Makeover

Like most chick flicks there's always the big makeover and while Gracie Hart looks incredible it's really her stone cold nerve and feisty humour that makes the audience and the other characters absolutely adore her.

5. The Bagel Prayer

6. "April 25th"


“I haven’t seen a walk like that since Jurassic Park", "Smilers wear a crown, losers wear a frown.” and, of course, "April 25th" became stand out quotes from Miss Congeniality. Who knew when Miss Rhode Island announced her perfect date would be April 25th, "cause it's not too hot and not too cold", it would become a scientific study.

7. The Pizza Paint Party

If you're ever in need of a night out then grab the gals and recreate the classic pizza and beer scene. If you end up covered in paint at the end of the night that's even better.


8. "She's Miss United States"

Remember that kid who use to sing this song endlessly? Yep, that was me but the ending of Miss Congeniality is truly an iconic moment. Name another movie where Sandra Bullock is wrestling a crown off someone head as a bomb is about to explode and William Shatner is quoting lines like "she's beauty and she's grace" looking confused af.

9. Gracie and Eric

9th place was a toss between Gracie catching 'The Citizen' or being awarded Miss Congeniality but we settled on the moment she's standing at cop car after arresting the Citizen and before being given the Miss C crown. It's the moment we realise that Eric, her FBI partner, has fallen in love with Gracie. She looks at him and quotes the words "you think I'm gorgeous, you wanna date me, you wanna marry me" and does that snortling laugh we know and love - heart melting stuff.

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