11 Movies To Watch If You Loved Netflix's 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

11 Movies To Watch If You Loved Netflix's 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

Released only three weeks ago on Netflix, To All The Boys I've Loved Before has turned into an overnight success. While WhatsApp groups and Tumblr accounts are already being created to discuss heartthrob Noah Centineo (Peter), 2018's answer to Heath Ledger who also stars in Netflix's rom-com Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, fans of the movie loved its charming simplicity.

If you couldn't get enough of To All The Boys I've Loved Before here are 11 rom-coms you won't want to miss:

1) Save The Last Dance:

Released in 2001, Save The Last Dance is just one of two Julia Stile movies that appear on this list. Stiles plays Sarah, a struggling ballet dancer whose mother dies in a car crash, who learns how to dance again when she meets Derek who lives in the projects and dreams of going to medical school.

2) Never Been Kissed:


Drew Barrymore is everyone's ride or die but in Never Been Kissed you'll be rooting for her harder than ever before as she plays the lovable geek who can't catch a break in life and love.

3) She's The Man:

While in recent years Amanda Bynes might have been in the press for all the wrong reasons - Bynes had a public breakdown in 2013 - her appearance in She's The Man is legendary.

Similar to Lara Jean faking a romance with Peter in TATBL, Bynes falls in love with her roommate while pretending to be a guy. Outside of her male drag, her roommate falls in love with her. It sounds messy but it makes perfect sense when you watch it!


4) The Weekend:

Russell and Glen meet one another on a drunken night out and realise they've only got 48 hours to be together. Few love stories leave such a lasting impression as The Weekend.


5) Away We Go:

If you're wondering what Lara Jean and Peter would be like all grown up, Away We Go is the sequel you'll never have to wait for. Verona (Maya Rudolph) and Burt (John Krasinski) are newly pregnant and without a place to call home. The pair travel across the country, meeting a host of bizarre, hilarious and bittersweet families, in the hopes of finding a place to settle down before the due date strikes.

6) The Fault In Our Stars:

If you're looking for something to shatter your soul while slowly rebuilding your faith in love, The Fault In Our Stars is the one for you.


7) Bend It Like Beckham:

One of the brilliant aspects To All The Boys I've Loved Before is that Hollywood's rom coms rarely focus on interracial couples. Not only is Bend It Like Beckham hilarious and focused on a vibrant cast, Kiera Knightley and Parminder Nagra dreams of becoming top football players take precedence over their love lives and, like Lara Jean, have to fake being in relationships.


8) You've Got Mail:

While To All The Boys I've Loved Before takes a step back in time and from Tinder - by sending love letters instead of DMs, You've Got Mail is the beginning of the online romance. Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, You've Got Mail has never been more relatable than in 2018.

9) Sixteen Candles:

A movie referenced in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Molly Ringwald was an awkward teen star back in the '80s that everyone related to. Sixteen Candles is a rite of passage for everybody but let Lara Jean down by not watching one of her favourite movies.


10) Obvious Child:

One of the more realistic rom-coms on this list, Obvious Child tells the story of Donna who decides to have an abortion after a one night stand. Sensitively dealing with a subject often considered taboo, Obvious Child focuses on Donna's journey rather than her choice.


11) 10 Things I Hate About You:

While Lara Jean and Peter are in on their fake romance, Kat (Julia Stiles) is deceived by Patrick (Heath Ledger) who is being paid by a popular guy in school to date her. If you only watch this movie for one reason let it be Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford, the baddest feminist to ever hit the rom-com genre.

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