Has Natasha Bedingfield Sold Her Soul With Her Latest Song?

Has Natasha Bedingfield Sold Her Soul With Her Latest Song?

Natasha Bedingfield's new music video will make your eyes bleed. What ever happened to the iconic singer who pretty much shaped the 00s? Well, it looks like money has been an issue as she's teamed up with none other that Nestea to bring us her worst work to date.

The video starts off with a random girl in an office who is magically transported to a tropical island after drinking a bottle of Nestea. The whole video feels like a weird tropical game of chasing and couldn't be filled with more product placement if they tried.

Natasha's only part in the whole video is when she's hopping and jumping around on the spot for 3 minutes. In fairness to her, she's looking great after her seven-year hiatus. Her hair is shiny, her skin is glowing, her teeth are white, her song, however, is shit. It just feels very fake and cheesy and doesn't uplift us in the same way her old bangers did.


To be honest, there's only one song lyric we want to hear....

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