Why You Should Watch Netflix's Latest Hit: Russian Doll

Why You Should Watch Netflix's Latest Hit: Russian Doll

Netflix has come out with a bunch of new series recently, and they've all been pretty impressive. With many more movies and shows still set for this month, I can't say for sure that Russian Doll is the best, but I will definitely tell you it's worth a watch, especially after receiving 100% on rotten tomatoes.

Russian Doll is an eight-part series that was released on Netflix on February 1st. I binged the whole thing in a day. If that doesn't say something on it's own, then I don't know what else I can say to convince you.

The show follows a woman, Nadia, who is at her 36th birthday party her friend Maxinne (Who says 'Sweet birthday baby' a hundred times) is hosting. If you haven't already noticed, the show is based around the idea of a Russian Doll. A Russian Doll is a wooden doll the open in half, to show another doll, and so on and so on, until the last little doll is left at the end. The whole idea is that it is showing the layers of the doll, which you keep opening until you reveal the whole doll. Well, this show kind of has that theme running through, except there's no doll and Nadia just dies, over and over again.

Nadia is played Natasha Lyonne, who you will recognise from Orange is the New Black, where she plays Nicky. In Russian Doll, she has the same bravado about her as Nicky would. Nadia comes from a Jewish background and grew up with a mentally unstable mother who died when she was very young. She was then taken in and raised by her Aunt.

Natasha also created the show along side Amy Phoeler.

So, as I said, Nadia continues to die over and over and finds herself becoming an undercover investigator to her own life, trying to figure out why this was happening to her, and trying to understand the concept of time that has completely imploded in front of her face.

After I finished watching the show all in one day, I too felt as though I was trapped in some weird time warp.


She does the same day over and over, with different deaths, while meeting different friends and family that help her piece things together.

The show was a massive success with people on Twitter raving about it, as well as making memes - that's how you know something is good.

If you are sold, I advise you go watch the show ASAP.

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