The Netflix Releases You Need To Watch This May

The Netflix Releases You Need To Watch This May

Doesn't everybody want to schedule in what they're watching on Netflix month by month? I know I do! Isn't that why we pay the subscription fee? Here are our favourite movies and TV shows you can see from May onwards on Netflix.

New Netflix releases for movies include Oscar winners CrashSlumdog Millionaire and childhood favourites Jumanji and My Girl.

The Keepers (Season 1) - May 19th

Dubbed as the new Making A Murderer, The Keepers is about a nun who was murdered in Baltimore in 1979. The 7-part story focuses on the cover up of Sister Cathy's murder by the Government and Catholic Church. We'll definitely be giving this a watch.



House of Cards (Season 5) - May 30th

A political drama about a politician who'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. A narcissistic President sounds familiar...

Chelsea (Season 2) - April 14th

Every Friday night for 30 weeks you can watch everyone's favourite blonde comedian chat to celebs, discuss social issues and diss Donald Trump. What could be better?


Master of None (Season 2) - May 12th

The series stars Aziz Ansari as he tries to navigate his way through New York as a struggling actor.


Sense8 (Season 2) - May 5th

The diverse characters in this sci-fi drama focus on human connection. The characters are all scattered across the globe and are able to connect to each other's mental and emotional state.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 3) - May 19th

Kimmy continues her life as a former "mole woman" with hilarious consequences. Watch this series alone for her best friend Titus. Gas, gas, gas.



Netflix and chill ya'll!


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