Another Day, Another Sign Oasis Won't Be Reforming Anytime Soon

Another Day, Another Sign Oasis Won't Be Reforming Anytime Soon

If you're a fan of Oasis then you'll know the famous Gallagher brothers don't see eye to eye. As fans wait to see them on stage together again, the pair have been enbrawled in a public feud for years.

Last year gossip rippled across the pond that Oasis would reunite for the One Love concert. The concert was in aid of the Manchester bombing victims that saw 22 innocent bystanders die at an Ariana Grande concert. Fans and commentators were disappointed that the brothers, who both hail from Manchester, couldn't work it out to perform at the benefit concert and Liam performed alone with Grande.

Well, we might have the answer. Earlier today Liam shared a tweet of a text message from 'Daddy' and speculation it's Noel speaking to one of his children about the concert.

The text message reads:

Because your ASTONISHING KNOB of an uncle is doing it and the organisers have now got it in there heads there's gonna be an Oasis reunion. Scooter Braun Justin Biebers manager actually said: If Noel does it his kids will get to meet Justin?!?!?!?!?!? What a C**T!!


Liam is known for tweeting about his brother, referring to Noel as a potato on numerous occasions, but this text message is a whole new level. It's unclear whether or not the message is a fake and we'll probably never know how Liam got his hands on it. On the other hand, Twitter fans went berzerk and hilariously tried to decode the message:



Maybe, it's going to be the text that changes everything. Afterall, they're brothers.

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