Noel Gallagher Tells The Most Wonderfully Irish Mammy Story Ever

Noel Gallagher Tells The Most Wonderfully Irish Mammy Story Ever

Noel Gallagher's Irish Mammy is the exact same as ours. I think it's no surprise to learn that Irish people are obsessed with death, especially Irish mammies. There's always a story about someone from down the road, who owned a red car who passed away all of a sudden.

When we heard this interview Noel did on Absolute Radio, we couldn't deal with how relatable it was. He went on to explain that his"mum is obsessed with people dying". Like all good Irish mammies she gives completely vague answers in describing who has actually died.

Noel goes on to explain how the phone call pans out,

"She'll call me up and she'll say, 'Wait till I tell ya. Do you know Gerard who used to live next door'? No. 'You do. He went out with Janine'? No. 'You do she worked in the Spar?'No. 'Ya do she had a little fuckin' white dog". No. 'Wasn't he called Bimbo and he used to run a muck in the back garden!"And it goes on for ages and to kind of stop the conversation you say, 'Oh yes, Gerard' and she says 'didn't he die".


Noel says that's the point of the whole story, just to tell him someone has died. I think we've all heard a story like this at least once in our lives. Ah, the Irish Mammy, you just can't beat her.

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