WATCH: Kildare Woman Being Chased By Goats Is Greatest Video You'll See Today

WATCH: Kildare Woman Being Chased By Goats Is Greatest Video You'll See Today

It is surely self-evident that the greatest pieces of entertainment in this world are videos depicting people being chased by some form of animal. However, it is a difficult balance to strike. The person has to seem like they are well equipped to deal with the situation and the animal has to be intimidating enough for there to be legitimate jeoprady, but not so dangerous or sinister for the chase to become a life or death scenario. For example, on the lower end of this scale is perhaps a quite irate badger defending its sett, and the upper limit - before any light-heartedness evaporates - is perhaps a quite lethargic ostrich pursuing somebody who tried to take a selfie with it.

Given this, a young Kildare woman being chased by a not overly-determined goat seems to fall perfectly within these parameters. The video, posted by Sophie Milner on Twitter, shows her sister running into their front garden with the family dog to chase away a goat that has wandered onto their property. However, in what we can only presume to be a concerted ambush by these malevolent ungulates, another lies in ambush just out of site from the front garden. It immediately begins to give chase as soon as Ms. Milner - who is also filming events on her phone leaves the garden.

In a sign of brave solidarity, the family dog - a large golden retriever - seems content to sacrifice itself so as to save its owner. It takes up a stand between its fleeing owner and the on-rushing goat. However, the goat who, at worst, seems to be largely ambivalent about the whole situation, simply gives up the chase, evidently lacking the will, determination or motive to continue its pursuit.

Drink in the video in all its haunting glory below.


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