The Entire Twilight Saga Will Be Released On Netflix

The Entire Twilight Saga Will Be Released On Netflix

If you thought you saw the last of the Twilight series, you were wrong.

Next week Netflix will be adding not one but all five of the Twilight movies to their streaming service. The tale of a young woman and her vampire lover captured the world back in the late noughties when the book series, released by Stephanie Meyer, were transformed into feature-length movies.

The entire saga made nearly £4 billion at the box office before ending in 2012. The movies catapulted actors Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson's (Edward) careers and thrust them into the center of the public eye. New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 all made the top 100 grossing movies of all time.

It remains the only young adult series to challenge the success of the Harry Potter franchise.

Other October additions to the service include television series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (October 26), Riverdale (weekly episodes) and Making A Murderer: Part 2 (October 19).

Halloween movies include Nocturnal Animals, Red Dragon, I Spit On Your Grave and Netflix original The Night Comes For Us.

It's not known how long the saga will stay on the streaming service but here's a little something to prepare you for your inevitable Twilight marathon:


The Twilight Saga will be added to Netflix on October 9.

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